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At least until you get to like 30 years married anyway. Once again, you're misunderstanding.

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I ruled out any dates that involved more than us two directly involved in them. Escape room isn't very fun with only 2 people, and from what I've heard Top Golf isn't either plus it's cheaper if you have more in your party. No need to flaunt every relationship you ever have, especially early on. Not wanting to do Top Golf or Escape Room doesn't mean nothing public either.

That guy is misinterpreting things.

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That's exactly it, he is more of a private person and doesn't feel the need to show off new girls he starts dating. If I had any question to his character or his intentions, it would be different. This is pretty difficult, without knowing the first thing about your interests, or even your age. Maybe stop at the Farmer's Market in the morning, get some food, and do a picnic at the Overland Park Arboretum.

Sorry I didn't post more details. I'm 22, he's He likes camping, biking, and watching movies, I like all of those things and cooking as well.

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I agree that this seems odd. You're going out of your way to plan a special night out for someone who won't admit to being with you, 2 months or not.

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I can say from past experience that this never works out well. I appreciate your concern, but that is not why I made this post. He is just an introverted, private person, he's not ashamed of our relationship or anything. It's not that he won't admit to being with me, he won't admit to being with anybody, period.

I can say from past experience that "never" is usually a word that is exaggerated. All of this sounds exactly what I told myself over ten years ago, when I was your age. Also, I say this not to give you shit, but in the hopes that you'll wise up faster than I did. Pay these people no attention. This is why people with anxiety troubles end up single Its okay that you're looking to hang out without friends I do the same thing. A close friend of mine never mentioned his girlfriend to me for like a year of our friendship They're not the type to flaunt their relationship all over the world..

I've had dates where we just hit up a bookstore and sit around flipping through architecture books if you're both into architecture or maybe comics or whatever. You could always go to a nice dinner wherever you both like You could do something like flying kites at a park Boulevard Brewery tour or The Roasterie if not into drinking.

You could take a cooking class together at L Ecole Culinaire on the Plaza. Or The Sundry downtown. You could hit up First Friday depending on when you're celebrating obviously.. You could go to the Nelson.

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They have a pretty fancy restaurant there. You could take a kickboxing class or something silly if you're both into fitness. Don't let these jaded folks get you down. Breakout of ordinary entertainment! Discover the marvel at the breathtakingly beautiful Folly Theater.

Get a glimpse of how pretty the Midwest can be at Powell Gardens. They even host special events, so clear your calendar! A beloved Kansas City tradition, Starlight Theatre provides a superior and affordable performing arts experience, all while literally being under the stars. The outdoor theatre strives to enrich the region, while entertaining guests with spectacular performances. Bring back one of your favorite childhood pastimes, this time with a safety rope. Swing around and lounge on the branches while you enjoy peaceful relaxation!

Chat over your favorite pieces, and explore the many exhibits the museum has to offer. Tired of cooking the same dinner dishes? Try out a tasty and hands-on cooking class at The Culinary Center. Learn inside tips from the chefs themselves, and bring home a recipe the whole family will enjoy.

Click here to cancel reply. Char Bar Enjoy delicious smokehouse meats while sipping on some great beer. Union Station Looking for adventure? Old Red Bridge Lock your love and waltz across the romantic bridge sealed with hundreds of locks. Hold hands and brave the Haunted House Capital of the World. Muster up the courage together to try The Source, the hottest sauce in the world registering at 7. Who needs a limo when you have a KC Barbecue Tours bus?

Spoil your dinner and start with an epic date dessert. Dine outside your comfort zone with delicious yet exotic eats like crispy pig ear salad, duck tongue tacos and sea urchin pasta. The extensive craft beer menu includes a long list of Kansas and Missouri brews. Give Topgolf a shot. Part hangout and part high-tech golf experience, a new kind of golf experience where compete play in point and target-based games. The new year-round crowd pleaser in Overland Park includes climate-controlled hitting bays, games, restaurants and a rooftop beer garden perfect for a nightcap.

After you fill up on the competition barbecue at Char Bar , step into the backyard and start a friendly competition of your own.

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Break the ice with an open-mic night.