Is it bad to hook up with your friends sister

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The problem is my friend was there as well so I wasn't showing her much interest and I'm scared she might just think I don't like her. Would it really be such a terrible thing to hook up with her just one time?

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The tension between us when we're together is unbearable and maybe just a one time thing would relieve it for good. What should I do? Who craves attention more-- guys or girls? How would you react if you were blonde and someone called you"Goldilocks"? Guys, Is it ok for a black woman to fantasize about white men? When a girl sends you streaks. How far will you go when flirting to make your interest clear? What Girls Said 3. You don't date your friends sister let alone just hooking up. What Guys Said 3. Report Thread starter 1 year ago 1.

Morality of hooking up with a bro's sister

Ok so I was sitting around the park with my friend and his sister was with him as well, we gossiped for a few good hours and then my friend had to go, his sister however stayed behind and wanted to talk more to me and I was fine with that. Towards the end our conversation she said to me "Would you like to do anything tonight? She led me to an alleyway around a few houses and this was were all the moments started, she grabbed my hand and said, "Before we continue would you like to spend some more time with me together?

She then said to me "would you like to do any more" and I was like yes in a very confident voice, she then took my clothes off and unzipped my pants to..

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I never knew sex was this fun, I literally do not not regret having lost my virginity to her. After I got home I realized that I did something very very inappropriate and wanted to bash myself in the head with a hammer for how stupid I was for having sex with my friend's sister. She promised to keep this a secret from her brother but I am not sure if I can take her word for it, I am just very worried that my friend will get absolutely angry at me if he finds out I had plowed her sister, if my friend does find out about our affair how should I react?

Report 1 year ago 2. Report 1 year ago 3. Report Thread starter 1 year ago 4. Original post by num. Was it not consentual? Report 1 year ago 5. Report Thread starter 1 year ago 6. Original post by Anonymous Ok so I was sitting around the park with my friend and his sister was with him as well, we gossiped for a few good hours and then my friend had to go, his sister however stayed behind and wanted to talk more to me and I was fine with that. Report 1 year ago 7. Your gonna get beaten up if he founds out. Lets hope he doesn't. Report 1 year ago 8. If things don't go well and she badmouths you to her brother, don't be surprised if he's sore about it.

Only if your friend has cleared it.

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Feel free to take them at their word though. If your friend is passive aggressive and says it's OK even though it's not, that sort of behavior deserves what's coming.

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Depends on whether it's best friend or close friend or just a friend within a large social circle. If you would have met the sister outside of his interaction it should be fair game, if she is mutual friends of someone else or happens to live in the same area. If it is your best friend's sister she should be almost like a sister to you so it would be awkward for both of them, unless the sister is totally into you which makes it even hotter Unless it's like true love and you gain a wife and a real brother through it and the friend is cool with you being a true brother, then go for it.

My dad hooked up with his best friends sister. They were always great friends. The marriage lasted 20 years and he had 3 kids. Having my uncle and father get along so well enriched my childhood. I'd say if you consider them a friend, then no. If it's like a, "I kinda know this person because we've partied a few times and hang out with the same people every now and then" then that's maybe a different story.

Is railing your friend's sister worth losing a friendship over. If so, then yes its okay to nail her.

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Well if they have broken up and he doesn't mind it's fair game, but if they still make out and stuff you should wait. Only if you're genuinely interested. You can't play a friend's sister, it's her brothers job to beat the guys who break her heart. So either go for it and don't break your heart, or you're in the wrong. If she's just another hot girl walk away. Treat her like a lady and try to date her?

You need your buddy's approval. That is crossing the line. If you really care about the friendship I would maybe lay off the sister. I could see the friend being jealous if you spend more time trying to flirt with the sister than you do hanging out with the friend. If you don't value your friendship all that much, I would say go for it. I was in a relationship with one of my best friend's sister. I had been friends with him since elementary school, and had a crush on his sister in high-school. She was only two years younger than us.

I dated her for over 6 years, and I became extremely close with their family. Downside was having to be in the middle of them fighting. I would try to be the mediator, which would ultimately piss one of them off. Upside was that I got to not only spend time with my girlfriend, but I got to spend more time with my best friend as well. When we broke up he was more disappointed that we wouldn't be brothers-in-law than any kind of resentment towards me.

After a long process of getting over the break up, during which he was very supportive, I was able to patch things up with his sister. I have a great relationship with their whole family even still.