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Charlie Sheen reportedly turned to MillionaireMatch. We have a feeling it wasn't too difficult for Mr. Sheen to find some short-term love, but it's safe to say he has yet to find the love of his life on Millionaire Match.

Here's How Raya, the Secret Dating App for Celebs, Actually Works - and Who's on It!

Matthew Perry has been reportedly been seen on multiple dating websites including, RichSoulMate. We assume the 90s heartthrob has struggled to find love since his time in the limelight. Maybe he'll find love now, even after the peak of his fame.

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This Counting Crows front man is fed up with the groupies and wants to find real love on Tinder. Huffington Post Martha Stewart joined Match. According to her profile, Stewart is a 5'9" social drinker who has an athletic and toned body type. After her profile was set up, she went on dates with two men on the site. Although she's married with kids, Lily Allen was reportedly on Tinder, but we assume it was just for fun.

In March of , the songstress tweeted, "Just discovered Tinder. India Adele reportedly used eHarmony when she went through a prior breakup, but since she was already famous it proved a difficult experience for her.

10 Best Celebrity Dating Sites For Celebrities and Admirers

She elected not to use photos of herself, which would be really difficult to find love on a dating website without a photo. We're just happy Adele has moved on from her struggles of love in the past. Reddit Before Orlando Bloom married Miranda Kerr in , he tried to find a different type of girl on the internet. It sounds a little creepy, which is probably why it didn't end up being successful. Imagine getting a message with a man claiming to be Orlando Bloom with an unfamiliar profile picture. We don't think Bloom put too much thought into this.

SkaDate Halle Berry has tended to follow the trend of using anonymity online to try to act normal again and meet people without trying to expose who she was right up front. Before getting married, she admitted that she would frequent online dating sites. Maybe she's still looking for love online.

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Carrie Ann Inaba used eHarmony for a bit and actually met her ex-fiance on the dating site. She wanted to switch things up a little bit and opted to avoid talking about her fame to try to date someone a little more down to earth, preferring instead to talk about her cats.

It looks like it worked out, at least for a little bit. WXRT Weezer's frontman rocks the "nerdy" look and has the success most people look for in a partner, but he admitted to having trouble while trying to meet women online. Cuomo signed up for a dating site, whose name he never gave, and said he got one response telling him, "We're sorry, but there is no one anywhere in the world that is appropriate for you.

The Daily Dot After leaking out government secrets, Snowden is now seeking asylum in the magical world of Tinder. Unfortunately the Tinder account associated with him was fake, but the jokes that the owner of the account was able to have with other users are very funny.