Why do i keep dating liars

He sounded smart and interesting and I was intrigued by his emails. Finally the day came when we agreed to meet.


We scheduled another date and I had to cancel that was as well and a last minute proposal had popped up at my desk courtesy of my unable-to-please boss. Then finally, finally a couple weeks later I met him right before Christmas. I agreed to meet him for a quick cup of coffee on my way in.

He was handsome and funny and I liked him immediately.

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Then he said something that made me stop in my tracks, the needle loudly screeching off the soundtrack of my busy life. I once did a book signing at Barnes and Noble and was greeted by this opening from a fiftiesh redheaded woman. There was some laughter, and some clapping as well. My pat answer in these situations is to attempt to empathize with the liars without condoning their behavior. Why do people lie?

Why You Keep Attracting the 'Wrong' Person in Relationships

Not for the women in this audience. Liars condemning liars and especially when they bitch to me at cocktail parties and is particularly exhausting.

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And who can blame a young-at-heart 61 year old man or a youthful 44 year old woman for tweaking the truth a tad? So they fib a little and or a lot — to remain visible to other online daters out there. By the very nature of this medium and single people corresponding by computer prior to meeting and a decent percentage of them will not be fully forthcoming.

What percentage of us are insecure?

How to Stop Dating Compulsive Liars | Dating Tips

My point is not that we should embrace the liars in some sort of group hug, or thank them for keeping us on our toes. Getting angry solves nothing and all it does is make you sound bitter and irrational, two traits that have never gotten anyone anywhere. Ask New Question Sign In. Why do women keep dating liars and ignore men whom would never cheat on them or be dishonest?

Why do they ignore men who would never cheat or be dishonest.

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Do most men and women cheat eventually? What will women never admit to men? Do women cheat on their husbands equally to men cheating? We know why men cheat, but why do women cheat?

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2. Stop re-enacting the past.

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