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What Is Emotional Intelligence And How Can It Help Your Game?

He comforts her, and genuinely feels empathy for her. A guy that can do this genuinely is bound to be seen as more attractive because a woman will see him as a pillar of emotional stability. Women can certainly fend for themselves nowadays, but their instincts still lead them to find an emotionally stable man.

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The reason a man who has a high emotional intelligence is seen as so attractive is because it tips a woman off that he can withstand whatever threats come their way. They can, but a man who can be there when she needs him is still considered very rare and attractive. There are a lot of key questions you can ask yourself to figure this out. Emotional intelligence is a very multi-faceted thing, but it really boils down to five basic ideas.

What Is Emotional Intelligence And How Can It Help Your Game?

Ask yourself these questions, and see how you fare:. You can learn how to do this. First and foremost, meditation is an excellent way to shape your mind and learn how to handle situations that make you uncomfortable. Organize and label your feelings for what they are.

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Even further, any activity that you find uncomfortable can help increase your emotional intelligence. Another good strategy is cold immersion. Yeah, taking cold showers can actually make you tougher and more resilient emotionally.

In a way, taking a cold shower is the same thing as talking to a hot girl. Every part of your body is telling you not to do it, but when you force yourself to go for it anyway, you reap the benefits. Emotions are just like muscles.

4 Easy-to-Spot Signs You’re Dating an Emotionally Intelligent Person

So challenge yourself once in a while. Saskia Nelson for Hey Saturday. To date with emotional intelligence you have to keep self-motivated. It will pay dividends in the end. Being self aware means knowing our emotions and being able to notice our true feelings. By having a surer sense of how we feel about people, relationships and situations we are better able to make good decisions. This makes it difficult for someone to say or do something to upset you.

This trait is very important in dating, where you are opening yourself up to potential hurt and heartache.

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  • Instead, they will be patient. Emotionally intelligent people feel. The fact that they feel things on a fuller level only means their hearts are into their relationships—they will fight fiercely with and for you. They are aware and able to make sense of their emotions in a way that keeps your relationship, and both of your well beings, sound and stable.

    With emotionally intelligent people, your feelings will never go unnoticed and your thoughts will never be unheard. No matter how catastrophic or tiny your problems, fears, anxieties, or heartache may be, emotionally intelligent partners will stand by your side. They will take on your pain with you. They will make sure you never feel alone. Emotionally intelligent people have no problems when it comes to communication.

    1. Emotional intelligence leads to healthy attractions.

    Along the same lines as communication, emotionally intelligent people crave vulnerability. They want to peel back the layers and get to know someone beyond the surface, and they long to be understood in that same, deep way. They know that a relationship thrives on letting one another in, and they will make that happen with you by showing you their true selves all the time.

    They are ready and willing to step forward with you, to trust, to feel. And this fearlessness when it comes to letting someone in is both beautiful, and contagious.

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