Dating your exs best friend

The ex, the friend or both of you could do this. Search Request translation Share article.

The real problem with this whole situation is the labelling. Like it's somehow taboo. Who are you to stand in the way of someone's happiness? Grow up and move on, because ultimately it didn't work out for you, why ruin the chance for them? Your ex doesn't get a say in who you can and can't have future relationships with.

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If you would be uncomfortable with them dating your friends then maybe you should chickidy check yourself before dating their friends nobody likes a hypocrite. Really depends, but a good friend wouldn't be dating your ex without at least asking you first.

'Can I date my ex-boyfriend's best friend?'

That's if you value the friendship, and if they don't then they're not really your friend to begin with. The issue really lays between the friend and the ex and there are a lot of contributing factors to it. Well if you assume the relationship was serious and this was a good friend then personally I'd expect there to be mutual communication around something that could end up emotionally hurting someone I care about. It's not mandatory more of a gesture to say you value your friend.

Is it OK to date your ex’s friend?

Well, it depends on how the relationship ends, who ended the relationship, why you're dating you're ex's bestie, and how long it's been since the relationship ended. If you're dating the best friend only to make the ex jealous. Like if you're using the best friend to play mind games. That it not acceptable. You can, however, mourn the relationship and then get with his friend.

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Especially in this case. If your ex has moved on with someone else or is no longer emotionally or physically invested in your relationship, proceed. And by extended I mean more than a few months. Tiffani is a true city gal, hailing from the concrete jungle of New York City.

'Can I date my ex-boyfriend's best friend?'

Come a long for the ride as this seasoned serial dater tries to find balance between her journey to self-love and her old school values on dating and relationships. She writes about her lessons and adventures in dating as a twenty-something millennial and all the new rules that apply. Better chemistry and connection. You share common interests. They make you a better person.

Your family and friends like him.

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