Dating a high school senior while in college

But then again, my senior year in highschool we had girls dating 28 year old marines srs.

Dating a High School Guy While you are in College.

If she is legal let it ride Grow some nuts and approach someone your own age. Never should anyone of that age date an 18 year old unless they're just desperate for the taste of vagina.

If someone asks you on a date say, YES.

Aim for the stars; you can't play in the grass all your life. January 26, ; June 8, ; October-November It's not so much the age gap, but more that she's in high school and he's at the end of his college experience.

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She hasn't even started hers yet. You're at two very different points in your life.

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I think as you get older age gaps can be bigger with other adults but she is just a kid IMO so I wouldn't. Inb4 you go to prom OP.

I personally would not go near a highschooler if I was older than The older you get the more appropriate a gap can be but 23 and 18 is straight retarded. Last edited by Machuka; at There are so many variation of 18 year olds A few years gap between 2 sexes is not awkward or weird. Don't fear the judgments of society I'd use the term "date" loosely on this one. Keep her number in your phone and call her when you have something like a bonfire at the beach to go to.

Should you stay with your high school boyfriend in college?

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