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Zach takes a look at a greatplaying and valuable Yamaha SG Number of bids and bid amounts may be yamaha sg dating out of date. Yamaha Corporation of Yamaha sg dating. Its got to be the best in the country. Serial Number Chart for Electric, Archtop, and Bass Guitars In the following charts, you can determine the year of manufacture for a Yamaha electric, archtop, or bass. Of all the excellent and generally unheralded guitars built by Yamaha over the years, none has achieved quite the legendary status as the Yamaha SG.

The specifications of Yamaha spare parts are not really stable. SG reviews 1 total 1 user review of SG by Yamaha. Other Guitars, Amps, etc for sale. Yamaha serial numbers are recycled every ten years, 29 formats are supported here based on research available on the yamaha website. Looking for pickup advice please.

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Yamaha, a company that is known for having an extensive broad range of products, from motorcycles to musical instruments, produces electric guitars models. It's a rarer beast, but my goodness what an instrument. Yamaha sg guitar for sale: Yamaha SG classic old vintage Japan electric guitar, sunburst, hard case: Har av och till varit lite sugen p en sn men faktiskt aldrig haft mjlighet att testa. The third letter is the month; June see chart above.

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The first and second numbers following the 3 letters are the day; 18th. Made in Japan , Four letters and a number, like so: See chart at the top of the page. The first letter is the year; The second letter is the month; March. The three numbers at the end are the unit number. Two letters, four numbers, like so: The second number is the month; February.

The four numbers are the unit number; The first number is an internal code.

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The letter is the month; February see chart. The next two numbers are the date; 4th. The letter 2nd position is an internal code.

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The final three numbers are the unit number. Letter-letter-letter-letter- , like so: The first letter is an internal code. The second letter is the month; June. So, June 2nd, The first letter is an internal code both I and S were used. The third letter is an internal code for Japan. The final letter is an internal code could be E, F, I, or S. Made in Taiwan , The first two numbers 07 in this example are the day; 7th. The two numbers that follow are the day; 12th. Made in Korea and Made in China , The four numbers that follow are the unit number; 00 The last number is an internal code could be D, R, U, or Y.

The top also featured five-ply binding. The twin-shielded Alnico V humbuckers were covered in black plastic with a cool cover that surrounded the bobbins, but left them and the poles exposed.

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Electronics were conventional two-humbucker, same as on the SG The laminated pickguard was slightly elevated, as on the SG The finetune bridge had metal saddles, and the stop tail was engraved with a harp-and-scroll design. Five finishes were available initially — cherry sunburst, brown tobacco sunburst, cherry, brown tobacco and black. A plush-lined hardshell case was standard.

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The name was not changed in Japan. Altogether, this was a superb guitar. The SBG was sold in the U.

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The American Cousin Here, we encounter our first turbulence. The top was a single piece of maple, without the perpendicular centerpiece, and was unbound. Instead of being a neck-through, it was set-neck with solid mahogany. Also, it did not have the brass sustain plate under the bridge.

These came in cherry sunburst or brown sunburst. It is not clear how long the SG was exported, because it does not appear in many U. The name was changed to SBG in the U. These had slightly less fancy headstock inlays and chrome hardware. The SG had an unbound maple top made of several pieces of maple and came in cherry sunburst and brown. The had traditional black plastic pickup covers with only one row of poles exposed.

The SG came only in opaque colors, black and cherry, suggesting use of lower-grade maple on the tops. Pickups on the were exposed. It appears to have been an SG with white binding on the top and an even plainer flower inlay on the head.


The substituted a cream pickguard and pickup rings for the black laminate of the It was most likely not exported to the U. Ch… ch… changes While Yamaha was involved in modifying the SG, no new models seem to have appeared. No details are available except it looked identical to the SG, with the split-wing inlays, etc.

This was another set-neck guitar that differed from the earlier SG in that it now sported dot inlays and white bobbins on exposed pickup bobbins. In Japan, this model was also called the Professional, which was engraved on the pickguard. This guitar looked like a fancy SBG with gold-plated hardware, but it also sported significant differences. One major difference in construction was the use of solid mahogany for the wings.