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It exposes many shocking realities and evidence about Muta marriage, which are often kept hidden from the majority of the people. This documentary took a very long time to research and produce. It required the downloading of more than 4. This is the most comprehensive documentary on this topic to date.

Origin and practise of Muta (temporary marriage) by Shias - Sayed Ammar Nakshawani

It addresses most of the common arguments and misconceptions about Muta, So please help to promote it so that it reaches to the widest audience possible and helps to combat all the widespread falsehood and disinformation about this topic. Look at the context in which the material is spoken.

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At that time, wars would go for prolonged times so there was a need among the men a biological need so in order to provide ease for the men of the war, this was given. However, prostitution isn't allowed since this can only be applied in the situation of war. Please read Islam by context and stop manipulating it. Wow, ever wonder what Hell will be like with all of the Muslim's there???

Muta Matrimony and Matrimonial Service

Neha, can you provide proof that it can only be applied in a situation of war? What changes have been made, or what new laws have been placed that prove your point? So any problems with Islam.. I know why they say The Bible is changed because they don't have guts to live life up to the standards of the Teachings of Jesus Christ, a peaceful and moral life with a single wife whom you can divorce except adultery, loving each other irrespective their religions, forgiving others no matter how much they hurt you, living a pure life. So I have every right to express my anger at many of the ppl in this community's ignorant Umaristic views on this topic.

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By 2Timeless , Wednesday at Rate this topic 1 2 3 4 5. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Posted November 24, There's a new site allowing Shia community members to search for a Muta partner in a very systematic and modern way. Searches can be made in English, Urdu, Persian, and Arabic. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

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This Site has a lot of reading material. Posted November 25, Posted November 26, This whole thing is just:!!!: Yes im just being insensitive but:!!!: Posted November 26, edited.

Wa salam - 3abdulrahman Chirri [ 2al 3amili ] -. Posted November 28, Posted November 29, I will be surprised to find female users.

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Posted December 10, I think they are some real people including women on that site looking for muta Frankly how successful this "online muta" will be? The Second Issue might be number of women subsribing to that site.

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Posted December 11, Posted December 13, Posted December 28, It seems a lot of you people think that the use of Mutah is the abuse of Mutah! I think you people need to make up your mind is Mutah Halal or not? Posted December 29, Posted December 30, Salaam Brother, I dont have time to get in a discussion got exams, etc Then ur comment is understandable..

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